STO-HK-HOLM aims to increase 

the awareness of Swedish arts and design in Hong Kong.


Dear Reader

My name is Kristen Liu who is the founder of this site. As you might notice, I am really interested in Swedish arts, design and culture. I have lived here for about 3 years. Everyday I get surprised and inspired by their creativity. However, I am not blindly in love with Sweden, because I still think Hong Kong food especially Dim Sum is the best, yeah I miss Hong Kong and am from Hong Kong. This city is my root. My family and my friends are there. The main reason of creating STO-HK-HOLM is that I hope that Hong Kongers can be inspired by Swedish simplicity, creativity and sustainability in arts, design and even in life. I welcome you to join this journey with me and find this site inspiring and interesting, if not, please give me some feedback. Thank you very much.

Kristen Liu