Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hong Kong Design in Stockholm

昨天去了斯德哥爾摩一個潮人商場Mood,希望找到一些特別瑞典設計跟大家分享, 突然間一些似曾相識的東西把我的注意力吸引起來, 那就是紅色的香港街市燈。雖然這些燈不是經名師設計,看起來有一點clumsy, 但我覺得它們好得意和富有香港特色Design Torget 幾年前出售過街市燈, 但現在找不到了

In order to introduce you more Swedish brands,  I went to a fancy shopping mall Mood in Stockholm yesterday. Suddenly something caught in my eyes, it was a line of red lamps hanging in the mall. Those lamps can only be found in wet markets in Hong Kong. Though the lamps look a bit clumsy, I find them very exotic and fun. Design Torget used to sell those lamps. But I cant find them anymore now.

Category : Fashion and Design
Photo / Illustration by Kristen Liu

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